Plutonians – Art & Music Exhibition


Have you ever had your own “Pluto” ?

Pluto was first discovered in 1930 by Clyde W. Tombaugh when he was 24. It was such a big thing to discover the ninth planet of the solar system which was far away 5,700,000,000 km from Earth. Clyde thought ‘it is so far that he wouldn’t have a chance to see spacecraft that launched to Pluto in his life time.’



Clyde was right. He died in 1997 at the age of 91 years old. In 2006, the spacecraft which made a flyby of Pluto called ‘New horizons’ is the highest launch speed but still took 10 years reaching to Pluto. In August of the same year, New horizons proceeded to Jupiter. Us from the Earth put off Pluto from the list of planets because it have different orbit from the Earth. There is other minor planet that reviews the same classification.

For 76 years that we had known Pluto as a planet, it was now classified as ‘dwarf planet’ and named ‘134340’by the Minor Planet Center (MPC), the official organization responsible for collecting data about asteroids and comets in our solar system. 

Many people in the Earth even haven’t had chance to see Pluto by their eye. We gave the definition to one object that it is the planet but when time passed by we didn’t see it that way anymore even it still moves in the same way.

Similar to someone who had always been with us and when time passed, something had changed. Someone or something we had lost through our life for some reason. Sometimes we didn’t realize they were there all the time. The day we think about the persons in our memory,  the same time we think about Pluto.




New horizons made its closest approach to Pluto on July 2015 before it flew beyond Kuiper belt. It carried ashes of the man who didn’t care no matter what this planet is, it would always be his Pluto.



Dear Clyde W. Tombaugh

The man who had traveled for his beloved planet till the end of his life.

Have you ever had your own “Pluto” ?

PLUTONIANS is a contemporary art exhibition and event that gives an expression of a relationship, distance, and feeling through the story of a dwarf planet called “Pluto”. Since Pluto was downgraded the status to “dwarf planet”,  Pluto’s story was construed and this brought us back to a recollection of our relationship with Pluto and our missing persons in the past.


 Pay Tribute to  Pluto Discovery / Mini Exhibition and Selected Documentary



Mini Exhibition – Art pieces from people who would like to join us by posting their works in Plutonians facebook page


So, we expressed the feeling through art, poetry, music, photography, short film, and including all visualness in the event to make this to be a remembrance of Pluto.

While the Earth’s still rotating, on July 14, 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft flew 12,500 km above the surface of Pluto, making the first spacecraft to explore the dwarf planet. As we gathered information and researched, we’ve found that there are many people who feel bound up with Pluto, though they haven’t met this planet by themselves yet.

Idea Sketch & Develop

“We would like to create a small community gathering together to cherish and tell Pluto’s story through art and music in our own ways. Pluto is still a planet in our memories as always.”

22 Aug 2015, Plutonians (Art & Music Exhibition ) at Bangkok Doc
concept exhibition-01-01
Design Project & Zoning
Art Exhibition from invited artists
Interactive and lighting
Dockland near ChaoPraya river (Project Location)
Messages to Pluto
Stage and music
Plutonians Sculpture



Plutonians Artists

Nottapon Boonprakob – Freelance Director
Puangsoi Aksornsawang – Artist
Chaw Khanawutikarn – Artist
Kongchalatch – Artist

Mai Intarakanchit – Artist
Nattapat L. (นคภด.) – Artist
Fanlony – Artist
Visansaya – Artist
Jab Dui – Artist
Jaa Nirancha – Artist
Dibdee Binder – Artist

Winth Weerakit Chuenpanuwat – Photographer
Sleepwalker Walairat Yootanawaraporn – Photographer
Toh Virunan Chiddaycha – Photographer
Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit – Street Photographer / Gallery director / Editor
Faad Prasit Limpasatirakit – Photographer / Collage Artist

Stoppkitsh – Experimental Photographer
Pam Virada B – Graphic designer / Visual communicator
Pang Nutjarus – Content Designer

Tuna Dunn – Illustrator / Graphic designer
Sini Henttonen – Graphic Designer
Jung – Illustrator
Napassorn Lekcharoen – Illustrator / Graphic designer
Sasita Samarnpharb – Illustrator / Visual Artist
Boranee Dhanakoses – Illustrator / Visual Artist

Aut Pisanu Mhokprakhon – Story Writer
Chatrawee Sentanissak – Writer

Adisak Puong Ok – Song Writer
Sthapat & Bassyouth – Song Writer
Wishes On The Earth – Song Writer
Saturnploenchit – Song Writer

I Use Film – Film Photo Social Community
134340 (Arunroj Thomma)- The Perfomance by Crescent Moon Theatre
Eyedropper Fill – Visual Artist
Autosave (Pongpat) – Stage & Lighting Artist
Mase Charuamonchit – Sound design
From / Object / to studio – Short Film and production documentary
Bemanoy – Project Photographer


Project Sponsor
Singha Corporation Co., Ltd.
House RCA Rama
Tigers Print & Stationary
Epson Thailand


Production by Jacks of All Trade

Project director : Normal Supattharachai Chuetamasorn
Graphic & Content director :Nawapol Pisuttiwong
Architect & Designer : Kasidis Puaktes
Project Producer : Kittisak Hengpraprom


More info please follow project

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